Calgary Triathlon Centre

The best way to train for a triathlon is to swim a lot, bike a lot and run a lot. Calgary's new and only triathlon training facility will be completely oriented around those three principles. There will be an opportunity to focus your workouts on the appropriate muscle groups, practice transition, workout in a group atmosphere and join regularly scheduled training classes with a triathlon coach. Early in the morning, mid morning, afternoon and evening scheduled workouts with instruction are always available.Click here to let us know if a triathlon facility like this may be interesting to you.

The Price

The facility will be opening soon. Although the membership fee has not been determined however we expect the price to be between $70.00 and $100.00 per month. If this type of facility is of interest to you then simply click here to give us your email address. If we get to 100 emails expressing interest then we will take the next step by setting the grand opening date and securing a location.
Check out our Triathlon bootcamps running almost daily from 6 am - 9 am

The Swim
For the Grand opening of Calgary's fist Triathlon Training Fitness Centre the swimming arena will have paddling machines and weight machines set up for a good muscle building and a swim focused endurance workout for swimmers. In the months shortly after opening, pools will be installed with current generators so swimmers can swim continuously without turns and without lanes or lines at the bottom of the pool for a more realistic open water swim session where sighting is important. There will cold and warm water pools so swimmers can swim with or without wetsuits.

The Run
The running arena is one part of the triathlon fitness centre that is fairly similar to what you might see at many gyms or other fitness centres. However, one significant difference is that there are organized off site runs as well as treadmills with televisions attached for video runs and more practice in transitioning from the bike to a run. Wouldn't it be cool to go on a video ride, hop off the bike, practice a quick transition and then hit the run for a great brick workout?

The Bike
Video bike rides, structured bike workouts and a lot of bikes. The bike arena provides triathletes an opportunity to go on long indoor rides while watching a movie or video. Open spots are available if you would like to bring your own bike and ride on a trainer or we have spin bikes for you if you don't have a bike or simply don't want the inconvenience of using your own. Coaching is always available at no charge as well as organized bike workouts all day long. Bike storage would also available.

The 4th discipline in triathlon is transition. Practice the transition in this area. From racking the bike to taking off the wetsuit to starting on the run. The Transition arena has it all. Guaranteed to shave time off the transition or if you are heading into your first triathlon event this area will improve your confidence exponentially. Assistance is always available if you are looking at strategic tips for improving your transition efficiency.

Stay at home parents often have challenges with working out. Money and availability are 2 major issues. If you have young children and still want to train for a triathlon or any endurance event, like a marathon, bring your kids with you during the day. Supervised and monitored childcare will be available at no charge for members. As long as we attain enough members, free childcare will be a priority at this facility.

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