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Bootcamps run Tuesday - Thursday each week and include 9 sessions per week. The first week is a free trial!

The Triathlon Fitness Centre is opening soon. We are aiming for the Fall of 2009!

Calgary Triathlon Club will have daily training beginning October 2009!

Check out our Triathlon bootcamp running 3 days per week

Calgary Triathlon Bootcamp

Price: $95.00/month. Summer Special only $75.00/month!

Cuurently offering upto 9 free sessions or the first week absolutely free so you can try us out. These Triathlon Bootcamps are geared toward beginner and intermediate triathletes. Your $75 entitles you to unlimited triathlon oriented workout sessions. These sessions will include biking programs, running programs and swim focused dry land training. Coaches are always available for questions. If the sessions are not enough workout time for you, a training schedule will be created for you personally based on your available time. Workouts are held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Each day all three disciplines will be covered. Although conditioning is important, focus will also be on form and efficiency.

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Calgary Triathlon Club


99.00 per month

$49 now holds your spot (spots are limited) and pays for your first month. There are no contracts or minimum membership times. Being a member of the Calgary Triathlon Club entitles you to daily coached workouts. You decide which ones to attend. A personal training schedule based on your available time and goals. Pay monthly with post dated cheques, credit card or PayPal. Swim lanes are included and will be at a central location in Calgary. Indoor bike rides on trainers and group runs will be part of every week.

Send us an email to receive an invoice at club@calgary triathlon by clicking here.

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Triathlon Fitness Centre


$70.00 - $100.00 per month

We are hopeful to be able to open Calgary's first and only endurance multi-sport facility this fall. We simply need to know if this is something you would want to see. Provide us your name and email address if you would consider this a good thing for Calgary. When we hit 100 interested people we will take the next steps of establishing the location and getting it set up for you. Providing your contact information here will entitle you (if you would like) to assist us in designing the facility as well.

Send us an email to show an interest in this facility at by clicking here.
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